Programmable wireless thermostat & receiver set

Model: T19WHB-7-RF Thermostat
Introducing the T19WHB-7-RF wireless programmable thermostat with a sleek, piano black design. Easy to operate with touch keys, this thermostat comes packaged with a receiver specifically designed to manage Infracomfort far-infrared heating systems.
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T19WHB-7-RF Wireless Thermostat

Product Information

Immerse yourself in the world of smart heating with the Infracomfort T19WHB-7-RF, a wireless programmable thermostat and receiver set specially designed for controlling Infracomfort far-infrared heating systems. It's more than just a thermostat - it's a lifestyle upgrade that brings superior comfort and style to your home.

Sporting a sleek and modern piano black design, the T19WHB-7-RF adds a touch of sophistication to any room. Easy to operate via touch keys and equipped with a large, power-saving LCD screen, it promises a user-friendly interface that is both convenient and visually pleasing. The screen turns off when not in use, saving battery life and reducing light emission in your room.

Programming your ideal heating schedule is effortless with the T19WHB-7-RF. It allows for 7-day programmable heating schedules with up to 6 settings per day. Whether your routine is the same each day or varies, programming is flexible, covering every day of the week, and individual days like Monday to Friday or Saturday and Sunday.

The fully digital connection between the thermostat and the receiver assures a reliable and stable connection with the capacity for feedback in the case of a lost connection between devices. This advanced system maintains your preferred climate with precise accuracy to within ±1℃.

Added features enhance your user experience, like the handy battery replacement warning, connection loss alert, and holiday mode for reducing heat during your time away. The built-in temperature display calibration ensures accurate readings, while the freeze protection option and the forced operation of the receiver output (useful in case of thermostat failure) ensure your heating system always operates optimally.

Installation is a breeze with the option of using the built-in stand or wall mount, and its wireless connection via radio frequency (868MHz RF, FSK) means the thermostat can be positioned anywhere in your room. It operates with a power source of 2 x AA 1.5V batteries for the thermostat and 230VAC 50/60Hz for the receiver, offering an impressive transmitter range of 100m in open air.

The thermostat measures 115×90×32mm and the receiver 113×83×30mm. Safety is also assured with the IP21 protection of the receiving unit.

The Infracomfort T19WHB-7-RF wireless thermostat is not just a device, it's an upgrade to your lifestyle. Elevate your Infracomfort far-infrared heating experience with this stylish, efficient, and user-friendly gadget.

Thermostat DescriptionThermostat Specification
Program settings6 settings per day / 7 day programmable
Power source2 x AA 1.5V battery
Wireless frequency868MHz(FSK)
Transmitter range100m in open air
Temperature setting range5℃~50℃
Receiver DescriptionReceiver Specification
Power source230VAC 50/60Hz
Wireless frequency868MHz(FSK)
Transmitter range100m in open air

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