Bathroom far-infrared Wi-Fi mirror heaters

Model: M Series
Experience the future of home heating with the Infracomfort M Series smart far-infrared heater and bathroom mirror. This Wi-Fi-enabled innovation is a mirror, an efficient infrared heater, and a smart display all rolled into one. It features a defogging function and LED lighting.
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M Series bathroom mirror & heater

Product Description

The Infracomfort M Series is not just a smart far-infrared heater, it's a lifestyle upgrade. This unique product combines the functionality of a bathroom mirror with an energy-efficient far-infrared heater, all while providing a smart display of vital information.

As you prepare for your day, the mirror serves not only to reflect your image but also to display the weather forecast, date, and time. Additionally, it provides readings for both indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your environment at a glance.

But the M Series is more than just a smart mirror. It also incorporates a highly efficient far-infrared heater. Unlike traditional heaters, this unit heats up objects in the room rather than the air, ensuring a uniform distribution of warmth. This helps to keep your bathroom walls and fittings warm, dry, and free of mould, enhancing the longevity and cleanliness of your bathroom.

The M Series smart mirror also includes an LED lighting feature and a defogging function. This high-performance, feature-rich mirror is Wi-Fi-enabled and is available in two wattages: 350W or 500W.

All units are manufactured from the highest quality materials under strict quality control and come with a 5-year guarantee. This gives you peace of mind about the durability and longevity of your investment.

Though the Infracomfort M Series is ideally suited for bathrooms, it's versatile design and functionality also make it a valuable addition to other spaces. It can serve as an elegant, energy-efficient heating solution in hallways or the reception area or lobby of a corporate building, combining sophisticated design with optimum safety and energy efficiency.

Enjoy the perfect blend of style, functionality, and efficient heating with the Infracomfort M Series smart far-infrared heater and bathroom mirror. Your bathroom, and potentially other spaces in your home or office, will never feel the same again.

SKUWattsLength (mm)Width (mm)Thickness (mm)Weight (Kg)Surface MaterialFrame Type
Rated Voltage240/50Hz
ElementCarbon / NiCr Heating wire
Surface temperature95-100°C
Electric Conversion efficiency98%
Life expectancy>100,000 hrs
Front Surface ColourMirror
Frame ColourFrameless
Ingress protection ratioIP54
Overheat protectionYes
Fittingdirect to walls
Cable Length2m, Rear entry
WifiBuilt in wifi controller.
Backlight15w LED back light
DisplayTouch button control of LED, heating & weather display

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