Programmable 7-day Wi-Fi thermostat (square)

Model: SAS920FHL-7-WIFI Thermostat
Transform your heating system with Infracomfort's programmable 7-Day Wi-Fi thermostat. Experience accurate temperature control, an intuitive 3.1-inch display, and a 7-day programming feature for maximum energy efficiency. Manage it remotely with the Smart Life app.
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SAS920FHL-7-WIFI Programmable Thermostat

Product Description

Improve your infrared heating system with the Infracomfort's SAS920FHL-7-WIFI programmable 7-Day Wi-Fi thermostat. This adaptable device delivers accurate temperature regulation, ensuring your comfort throughout the day.

The thermostat comes with a user-friendly 3.1-inch screen display, providing immediate access to temperature settings and programming. Its 7-day individual programming feature allows you to tailor your heating schedule to your lifestyle, promoting energy efficiency and reducing energy costs.

A key feature of the SAS920FHL-7-WIFI is its ability to be controlled remotely. With the Smart Life app on your mobile phone, you can modify your thermostat settings from anywhere, offering you convenience and adaptability.

Another notable feature of the thermostat is its ability to retain user settings permanently, even during power outages. This ensures a continuous heating experience, providing you with peace of mind.

Infracomfort's smart Wi-Fi thermostat supports both manual setup and remote control via the Smart Life app. This allows you to easily adjust or control your home's temperature, either manually or by setting heating schedules via the Smartphone App.

The Wi-Fi thermostat is straightforward to install, with comprehensive instructions provided in the manual and the mobile app. Pairing a Wi-Fi thermostat with a far-infrared heat panel offers the advantage of remote control and heating schedules.

The Wi-Fi connectivity allows for easy adjustments from anywhere using a smartphone, while the energy-efficient and comfortable far-infrared heat panel delivers effective and targeted heating.

Power source240VAC 50/60Hz
Maximum load16A/250VAC
Setting range5℃ to35℃
Working environment0℃ to 50℃
Dimensions88mm x 88mm x 15mm
Flush boxEU style supplied
3.1 inch large screen display
Can control 16A high power heating facilities
Permanent user setting retention during power loss
Display temperature recalibrates
7 individual day programming
Remote control by mobile phone (Smart Life app)

Shipping weight and size

Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions154 × 142 × 102 mm
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