Personal far-infrared under desk heater

Model: P Series
The powerful but compact 170W far-infrared personal heater is perfect for use under your desk, kitchen table or workbench. Suitable for both vertical and horizontal positioning, it provides targeted warmth for individuals in homes and offices
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P Series Personal Heater

Product Description

The Infracomfort P Series PH170 is a compact far-infrared personal heater, your perfect companion for those cold workdays whether at home or in the office. With the ability to fit snugly under a desk, this personal heater directly warms your legs and feet, providing comfort where you need it most.

Unlike typical fan heaters, our P Series PH170 only uses a modest 170W. Yet, it generates a natural and comfortable warmth that rivals higher-powered units. This low-energy heater not only ensures a cosy workspace but does so with minimal running costs.

This personal desk heater incorporates radiant heating technology, a system that warms people directly rather than heating the entire space. This method ensures you get the warmth you need without wasting energy, making it a cost-effective choice for those seeking additional comfort.

Designed for versatility, the P Series PH170 can be positioned either vertically or horizontally, making it perfect for a variety of workspaces. It comes with a fitted AUS/NZ plug and self-standing feet, ready for immediate use. Alternatively, it can be attached to a privacy screen for added convenience.

Beyond its heating performance, the P Series PH170 is designed with durability and safety in mind. It features a white IR ceramic-coated surface and a white aluminium frame. It operates with a surface temperature of 75-95℃, and an electric conversion efficiency of 98%, promising optimal energy utilization. It has an ingress protection rating of IP54 and includes an overheat protection function, ensuring it operates safely.

With no maintenance required and a life expectancy of 30 years, this compact heater is a long-term solution to your personal heating needs. We stand by the quality and reliability of our products, offering a 5-year warranty with the P Series PH170.

Whether you're working from home or in a commercial office environment, the Infracomfort P Series PH170 Compact Far-Infrared Personal Heater ensures a comfortable workspace while being cost-effective and energy-efficient.

SKUWattsCurrentDimensions (mm)WeightArea Heated
PH170170w0.62-0.65A627 x 327 x 201.5kgPersonal
Size627 x 327 x 20mm
Heating elementCarbon crystal
Surface temperature75-95℃
Electric conversion efficiency98%
Surface materialWhite IR ceramic coating
FrameWhite Aluminum
Ingress protection ratingIP54
Overheat protectionYes
On/Off switchYes, on frame
Default cable length1.9m
StandardsIEC/EN6.335-2-30, 6.335-1,CE, ETL, AS/NZS
PlacementUnder the desk or close to user
FittingSelf-standing or attached to privacy screen
MaintenanceNone required
Life expectancy30 years
Warranty5 years

Shipping weight and size

Weight1.5 kg
Dimensions660 × 420 × 40 mm
Available wattage

170W (SKU: PH170)