Manual non-programmable thermostat

Model: WST-2000D Thermostat
The WST-2000D Thermostat is a user-friendly controller for Infracomfort heating systems. Offering automatic ON/OFF control, adjustable temperature, and an informative LED display, it promises optimal comfort and energy efficiency in any environment.
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WST-2000D Manual Thermostat

Product Description

The WST-2000D thermostat is the epitome of user-friendly temperature control. Engineered to flawlessly manage your Infracomfort far-infrared heating systems, it offers a solution that is ideal for both commercial and residential environments. Automatic ON/OFF control ensures the Infracomfort heat panels are used optimally, providing the perfect temperature whenever needed.

Simplicity is at the heart of the WST-2000D thermostat. The easy-to-use interface, complete with a manual dial operation, puts temperature control right at your fingertips. With a few easy adjustments, you can maintain an ideal room temperature and manage your energy usage effectively.

Aesthetics are never compromised with the WST-2000D. Its pleasing shape and modern design make it a stylish addition to any room. It's more than just a thermostat—it's a piece of decor that adds a touch of elegance while maintaining high reliability.

The thermostat fits conveniently into a standard wall box for easy installation. It offers a wide temperature range, adjustable from +5 to +40 degrees Celsius. The innovative LED display serves dual functions—it shows when the heat is ON and provides a visual confirmation of the working state, allowing you to monitor your heating system at a glance.

With the WST-2000D thermostat, you'll enjoy ultimate control over your heating system, creating a comfortable and energy-efficient environment for all occupants. Whether for your home or business, choose the WST-2000D Thermostat for your Infracomfort heating systems—it's the smart choice for intelligent, efficient heating.

Temperature adjustment range0 to 40 Celsius
Display accuracy<1 Celsius at 20 Celsius
Sensor typeNTC, B=3380, 10K AT 25 Celsius
Thermostat10A, 230VAC, 50/60Hz
Mount height1.5 meters
Control modeHeating
Sensor Quantity2 PCS
Gross weight150g
Manual ON/OFF SwitchThis feature gives you the ability to control the work state of the thermostat.
Temperature Adjustment DialThe manual dial enables you to set the desired room temperature with precision.
LED IndicatorThe LED display provides a clear indication of the thermostat's working state.
Flexible Mounting OptionsYou can choose to mount the thermostats directly on the wall or in a standard wiring box.

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