JA Series far-infrared outdoor heaters

Model: JA Series
Unleash the potential of your outdoor spaces with the JA Series far-infrared outdoor heater. High-powered, energy-efficient, and easy to install, these heaters provide immediate directional heat, perfect for patios, outdoor dining, and more.
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JA Series Outdoor Heater

Product Description

Experience outdoor warmth like never before with the JA Series far-infrared outdoor heater. These high-powered radiant heaters are designed to transform your outdoor spaces into comfortable zones, regardless of the season.

The JA Series are robust and potent heaters that provide immediate directional heat, suitable for a wide range of outdoor and large indoor environments. They are perfect for patios, cafes, bars, and industrial settings. These heaters are also incredibly effective in buildings with elevated ceilings, such as marae, community halls, and warehouses. With the JA Series, your outdoor dining areas, terraces, and open spaces become places of comfort, even in cooler weather.

What sets these heaters apart is their energy efficiency and ease of installation. They offer a quick heating function that achieves optimal temperature in just five minutes, and the uniform heat distribution ensures no heat loss, making them a cost-effective solution. Moreover, the JA Series heaters require no maintenance, further contributing to their economical operation.

Available in a range of wattages (1000W, 1800W, 2400W, 3200W), there's a heater for every space. Despite their high power, these heaters operate silently, providing warmth without light and noise for a truly comfortable experience.

The JA Series Far-Infrared Heater is not only functional but also stylish. It features a sleek, German-designed black heatstrip that adds a modern touch to any setting. The heaters can be installed on walls or ceilings, offering flexible placement options to suit your needs.

Safety is paramount with the JA Series. They come with overheat protection and have been certified for safe use (CE, SAA, CCC). Plus, they're waterproof with an IPX4 rating, ensuring their longevity in outdoor settings.

Whether it's for domestic use or for commercial establishments like bars, hotels, or gyms, the JA Series far-infrared outdoor heater is an elegant and efficient heating solution that lets you enjoy your spaces to the fullest, no matter the weather.

SKUPowerCoverageVoltageCurrentSurface temp.Dimension (mm)N/G weight (kg)
JH-10A1000W8 m2230V 50/60HZ4.3A380℃600*189*674.3/5
JH-18A1800W15 m2230V 50/60HZ7.8A380℃1000*189*676.5/7.2
JH-24A2400W22 m2230V 50/60HZ10.4A380℃1500*189*679.7/10.6
JH-32A3200W40 m2230V 50/60HZ13.9A380℃2000*189*6713.2/14.8
SafeOverheat protection
Quick heating5 minutes
EconomicalNo maintenance cost
Highest heating efficiency99.99%G
Energy savingUniform heat distribution. No heat loss
Heating elementFerrochromium wire with outer stainless steel tube
CertificationCE , SAA, CCC
Design styleGerman Design Black Heatstrip

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