Non-programmable manual thermostat

Model: HMT4991 Thermostat
The Infracomfort HMT4991 is a wall-mounted, non-programmable thermostat with a manual dial operation, an ON/OFF day/night function, and an LED screen that displays the current room temperature.
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HMT4991 Manual Thermostat

Product Description

Ensure optimal temperature control with the Infracomfort HMT4991 wall-mounted, non-programmable thermostat. This controller stands out for its simplicity and user-friendly features, making it a practical choice for maintaining your preferred temperature settings with Infracomfort far-infrared heaters.

The HMT4991 features a straightforward manual dial operation, allowing users to adjust the output of the heating panel easily to maintain their ideal temperature. A conveniently located dial on the front of the thermostat offers smooth operation, while an ON/OFF button provides easy control when heating is not required.

This 240V 50/60Hz-powered thermostat boasts a temperature control range of 5℃ to 30℃ and a room temperature setting range of -10°C to 60℃, providing ample flexibility for various environments. The thermostat's non-programmable feature ensures simplicity and reliability in maintaining consistent temperatures.

One of the main highlights of the HMT4991 thermostat is its clear, easy-to-read LCD screen, which displays the current room temperature. This visibility makes it easy to monitor the thermostat's performance at a glance.

Beyond these features, the HMT4991 also offers an ON/OFF day/night function, enhancing energy efficiency and customization based on your day-to-day schedule. For situations requiring additional precision, the thermostat is compatible with a separate probe, offering expanded functionality.

With the capability to be wall-mounted, the HMT4991 thermostat is designed to seamlessly blend with your interior and be easily accessible. Despite its advanced features, it's designed for simplicity, ensuring that controlling the temperature of your space is as easy as possible.

The HMT4991 temperature controller is primarily designed for use with Infracomfort far-infrared heaters. However, it is also compatible with electric floor heating systems, making it a versatile addition to your temperature control tools. The HMT4991 device can control the temperature by means of a built-in sensor or an external probe, providing enhanced flexibility in various applications. Enjoy effortless control and optimum comfort with the Infracomfort HMT4991 non-programmable manual thermostat.

Power source240v 50/60Hz
Maximum load16/250VAC
Dimensions86 x 86 x 32 mm
Temperature control range5℃ ~ 30℃
Ambient temperature-operation0℃ ~ 50℃
Room temp setting range-10°C ~60℃
Accuracy±1℃ or ±1
LCD Screen
Manual dial operation
Current room temperature
ON/OFF Day/Night function
Separate probe available
Wall mount

Shipping weight and size

Weight0.25 kg
Dimensions154 × 142 × 102 mm
Model #

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