Ceiling suspension kit for far-infrared heat panels

Model: SK-001 Accessory
Effortlessly suspend Infracomfort heat panels from high ceilings with this adjustable ceiling suspension kit. Enjoy efficient warmth and flexibility in directing heat where it's needed. This kit includes fixtures, fittings, and adjustable cables for easy installation. Compatible with ceiling-mounted Infracomfort panels.
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SK-001 Ceiling Suspension Kit

Product Information

Elevate the heating experience in your high-ceilinged rooms with our far-infrared heat panel ceiling suspension kit. This innovative mounting solution allows you to effortlessly suspend your Infracomfort H Series and F Series heat panels from the ceiling at the height of your choice.

With adjustable 1-meter cables, finding the perfect fit for your specific room dimensions is a breeze. The suspension kit brings your panels closer to the floor, enabling the directed heat to warm the desired areas effectively.

Designed with convenience in mind, our ceiling suspension kit includes four suspension cables, along with all the necessary fixtures and fittings for a seamless installation process. Should you need to customize the cable length, it can be easily adjusted to suit your requirements, ensuring a neat and tailored appearance.

This suspension system not only enhances the aesthetics of your space by keeping the heaters out of sight, but it also ensures they are safely secured, offering peace of mind. With a weight capacity of up to 30kgs, you can confidently suspend your Infracomfort panels without concerns.

Please note that our ceiling suspension kit is specifically designed for use with ceiling-mounted Infracomfort H Series and F Series far-infrared heat panels. It is not intended for use with wall-mounted panels.

Experience the benefits of adjustable ceiling mounting with our exceptional suspension kit, providing highly secure and flexible fitting of your panels. Transform your space with efficient warmth and targeted heat distribution, all while enjoying the versatility and convenience offered by our ceiling suspension solution.

Simplify the installation process with straightforward steps that involve drilling holes and using a screwdriver. Enjoy the comfort and aesthetic advantages of our ceiling suspension kit, bringing warmth and style to your high-ceilinged rooms.

Adjustable cable length for flexible positioning
Specifically designed for high-ceilinged rooms
Suitable for use with our H Series and F Series far-infrared heat panels
Keeps heaters out of reach and sight, enhancing aesthetics
Weight capacity of up to 30kgs
Includes suspension cables, fixtures, and fittings
Simple installation with drilling and screwdriver required

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