Safe Installation of Far-Infrared Heat Panels

Safety Precautions for Setup

At Infracomfort NZ Limited, your safety is our top priority. While our far-infrared heat panels are designed for easy plug-and-play installation using a standard 240v socket, we understand that some customers may prefer to have their panels connected directly to the premises’ electrical system. This could be due to aesthetic reasons, such as hiding power cables, or practical considerations like the absence of a nearby power outlet.

Please be aware that connecting our far-infrared heat panels directly to the electrical supply system is NOT a DIY project and must be performed by a qualified electrician. Attempting to connect your panels to the electrical system without professional help can lead to serious risks, including:

  • Electrical shock: Mishandling electrical connections may cause severe injury or even death due to electrocution.

  • Fire hazard: Improper installation may lead to electrical fires, causing significant property damage and endangering lives.

  • Non-compliance with local regulations: Unlicensed electrical work may violate building codes and regulations, resulting in fines or legal issues.

  • Voiding product warranty: Unauthorized modifications or installations can void the warranty of your Infracomfort far-infrared heat panels.

To ensure the safe and proper installation of your Infracomfort far-infrared heat panels, please follow these guidelines:
  • Contact a licensed electrician: Reach out to a qualified electrician in your area to discuss the installation process and schedule an appointment.
  • Provide relevant product information: Share your Infracomfort far-infrared heat panel model and installation instructions with the electrician to help them understand the specific requirements for your product.

  • Inspect the completed work: Once the installation is complete, ask the electrician to walk you through the work and ensure everything has been installed according to the manufacturer’s guidelines and local regulations.

Thank you for choosing Infracomfort NZ Limited. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team.